Quality Banners printed in Cape Town

We have a wide range of banner options for your business, event, marketing and advertising needs. Professionally printed in expert managed full-colour, our banners provide an affordable and effective option. Our banners are lightweight plus they are easy to assemble, disassemble and store We print banners in Cape Town and across the country, for large companies and small businesses, individuals and event planners. Banners are perfect for photo shoots, displaying at special events and gatherings, conferences and promotional events.  

Our banner specifications include:

Pop-up banners

Perfect for impromptu setups in diverse situations, this banner is a popular choice for those wanting a quick banner option that is easy to assemble. Choose between a wide selection of finishing options including durable PVC.


Arc Banners

If you are looking for something a bit different and modern, our range of Arc banners will ensure that your presentation never goes without a great marketing canvas. The humble Arc banner is a popular choice for businesses that are unique, with a modern brand ideology.


Banner Walls

Want to add drama to your installation? Then a banner wall is your solution. Big enough to attract the right type of attention, but lightweight enough to promote installation efficiency, our banner walls will amplify your marketing message without wasting time on cumbersome installations.



Need a quick assembly option? Then the X-frame banner is for you. Designed to be rigid and to offer unrivaled support, this banner will ensure that your business is showcased perfectly in high-stake situations.


Try our PVC banner option for something a bit more durable. The PVC banner is coated in PVC for durability and maximum cost efficiency. Our PVC banners are made of lightweight material which means that they are easy to assemble and disassemble. PVC banners provide an excellent platform for marketing without worrying about the banners. Whether it is raining or sunny, a PVC banner will always provide you with the perfect canvas for optimal brand messaging display purposes. Other options include Teardrop banners, telescopic banners and A-frame banners.

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PVC Banners.
Pop-up Banners.
X-Frame, Arc, Teardrop and more

The Trident Press Advantage


A fast turnaround time.

Our advanced project management system ensures that we deliver efficiently and effectively to our customers. Jobs are dispatched in a timely manner so your business can meet all those important deadlines.


Storage, warehousing and delivery options.

Trident Press provides for the expert packaging of products. We also assemble campaigns as per client briefs.
Our dispatch and outbound logistics capabilities cater to both regional and national delivery. We also ensure the storage of consignment stock in our state of the art warehouse.


Guaranteed product quality.

We are the preferred commercial printing company for some of the biggest brands and companies in South Africa. We provide printed marketing products in Retail, Sports, Liquor, Beauty & Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Property/estate agencies, Manufacturing, Toys and Games, Food and Beverage, Industrial, Clothing and shoes plus Gifting and novelties.

Exceptional service.

You can rely on Trident Press to be professional, reliable, solution-driven, and understanding of your unique challenges. We go the extra mile to ensure that our service is of the highest level.


Excellent support.

Our system is simple and focused for maximum client benefit. Each client is allocated an experienced Account manager, who acts as your Project Manager. They are supported by a dedicated internal assistant who is always available to answer queries. In addition, we have four permanent estimators and a production team who will see your job through from pre-press to final delivery.


50 years of quality printing expertise.

Established in 1968, our proud heritage of quality printing in Cape Town ensures that all our projects are of the highest quality. Rest assured knowing that your valuable project is in capable hands, state of the art facilities and experienced management staff.

Stay in the loop with the latest news and developments in print technology. For queries, send us an email, give us a ring or simply visit our state of the art facilities in Cape Town.  Alternatively, you can save time and cut the queues with our online system. Request a quote in the comfort of your home or business via our interactive and free online quote system. Turn your business card into an amazing canvas.

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