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Looking to print high-quality bookwork in Cape Town? Choose Trident Press to produce your product successfully. We are a premier commercial printing company with exceptional service quality, great pricing model and modern printing equipment to handle even the most demanding of jobs.  

Digital versions of catalogues, reports, and booklets just do not feel the same as the feeling you get when you turn tangible pages with your fingers. It is a feeling that has stood the test of time. A feeling that evokes nostalgic emotions. A feeling that is instantly associated with the joys of reading, interactive engagement, and sheer enjoyment. No matter the product, printed versions of reading material create a long-lasting connection with whoever has the product.


Trident Press manufactures the best quality bookwork in Cape Town, South Africa and across Africa. We are a premier commercial printing company that specialises in the highest quality of printed marketing bookwork. Whatever your specification, we have the solution to position your company in a position that successfully highlights your brand, improves your marketing and creates a lasting impression with your customers. We believe that a combination of all these components will increase your brand exposure and contribute to an increase in sales.


Our bookwork portfolio includes:




In terms of reaching your customers, Brochures can be used as an effective marketing tool. A form of direct marketing, high-quality printed brochures maximise reach and promote engagement with the reader. Brochures and catalogues can also be used to accompany high-volume products such as newspapers. As a newspaper insert, a well-produced catalogue will give your brand messaging the platform it needs to shine. Trident Press produces high-quality brochures for some of South Africa’s best-loved brands. Whatever your organisation’s size, we have the perfect solution to meet your needs.




Are you an author with aspirations of producing your own custom-made book? Does your company want to produce booklets that highlight the great work you are doing internally and around your community? Trident Press has the solution. Our competitive prices and expert support in printing booklets ensures that we are able to provide our clients with unique booklets that are of high-quality, unique product feel and also look great.


Annual reports


Trident press is an award-winning commercial printing company in the category of Annual reports. Whatever the size of your business, we specialise in printing high-quality annual reports for large and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across South Africa and the African continent. Whatever the specification, we print amazing financial performance reports to Corporate Social Investment reports that are unique and special for our diverse business clients.


Choose bookwork specific to your needs


Think about your target audience. Think about your business. It is important to tailor-make your bookwork for a specific client. If you are a retailer looking to maximise consumer reach, a catalogue would fulfill your marketing needs perfectly. Similarly, if you are a business looking to publish financial your earnings results, an annual report would make the most sense. At Trident, we take marketing seriously. Our customers are our greatest assets and we go above and beyond to come up with solutions that will best meet their needs. If you need expert advice, Trident Press will help you choose the best product to help in with maximising customer reach.

Amazing Commercial Quality.
Amazing Service.
Amazing Support.

The Trident Press Advantage:


A fast turnaround time.

Our advanced project management system ensures that we deliver efficiently and effectively to our customers. Jobs are dispatched in a timely manner so your business can meet all those important deadlines.


Storage, warehousing and delivery options.

Trident Press provides for the expert packaging of products. We also assemble campaigns as per client briefs.
Our dispatch and outbound logistics capabilities cater to both regional and national delivery. We also ensure the storage of consignment stock in our state of the art warehouse.


Guaranteed product quality.

We are the preferred commercial printing company for some of the biggest brands and companies in South Africa. We provide printed marketing products in Retail, Sports, Liquor, Beauty & Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Property/estate agencies, Manufacturing, Toys and Games, Food and Beverage, Industrial, Clothing and shoes plus Gifting and novelties.

Exceptional service.

You can rely on Trident Press to be professional, reliable, solution-driven, and understanding of your unique challenges. We go the extra mile to ensure that our service is of the highest level.


Excellent support.

Our system is simple and focused for maximum client benefit. Each client is allocated an experienced Account manager, who acts as your Project Manager. They are supported by a dedicated internal assistant who is always available to answer queries. In addition, we have four permanent estimators and a production team who will see your job through from pre-press to final delivery.


50 years of quality printing expertise.

Established in 1968, our proud heritage of quality printing in Cape Town ensures that all our projects are of the highest quality. Rest assured knowing that your valuable project is in capable hands, state of the art facilities and experienced management staff.


Stay in the loop with the latest news and developments in print technology. For queries, send us an email, give us a ring or simply visit our state of the art facilities in Cape Town.  Alternatively, you can save time and cut the queues with our online system. Request a quote in the comfort of your home or business via our interactive and free online quote system. Turn your business card into an amazing canvas.

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