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With a proud history of excellence stretching back to 1968, Trident Press is a premier commercial printing company located in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa. We recognise that we are responsible for the socio-economic development of the community we operate in as well as the development of our valued staff. This means that our ethics and company policy is in line with constitutional principles and legislative policy. We are committed to the practice of responsible, fair and progressive corporate behaviour.


Trident Press has a strong social responsibility stance – we are committed to BBBEE, having taken our status from a rating of 7 to a rating of 4 over the last few years
With a level 4 compliance rating, Trident Press has 100% recognition; budgets spent by our customers will be recognised at 100% for B-BBEE procurement analysis.

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We Protect & Promote the Human Rights of our employees,suppliers & clients.

We are committed to the practice of responsible corporate behaviour.

We subscribe to the core values of Safety & Health