Green Conscious

The pursuit for Carbon Neutral Printing


At Trident Press, we’re committed to decreasing our carbon footprint, taking a responsible and eco-friendly approach. In line with international trends, we’ve embraced new technologies to take advantage of increased efficiencies and decrease our carbon footprint by sourcing equipment and materials that are synonymous with green thinking.


Trident only deals with reputable and established paper merchants who are compliant and committed to eco-friendly and responsible sourcing standards.


Our Komori Litho Press is a state-of-the-art printing press created with the environment in mind. Komori as a company subscribe to The Three Pillars of the Green Concept i.e. clean (prevention of pollution), saving (conservation of resources), and safety.


Our high-performance printing press reduces paper waste, saves energy, and improves the working environment for our employees. Its features include:


  • Decreased ‘makeready’ time, conserving energy stores

  • Reduced emissions of harmful chemical substances such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

  • Reduced use of consumables and lubricants

  • Alcohol-free

  • Reduced power consumption

  • Reduced CO2 emissions

  • Minimises paper waste

  • Reduced paper and ink consumption.


Trident aims to use  FSC-approved paper and Soya-based inks where possible to reduce our carbon footprint.

110% Green mindset.
Green Technology. 
Responsible Thinking.
At Trident Press, we are committed to reducing our water consumption. We subscribe to the values of the 110% Green initiative administered by the Cape Town government.

We always aim to use FSC-approved paper and soya-based inks


We are committed to reducing our overall water consumption.

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