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Successful restaurants all over South Africa rely on professionally printed menus to showcase their products. From seafood to burgers, fine dining to casual restaurants, menus are the first glimpse consumers get of the food on offer at a particular eatery. Trust Trident Press to deliver creative and unique menu options for your business.

A study once found that U.S. customers spend on average 109 seconds looking at restaurant menus. Make those seconds count. Impress your customers and use your restaurant’s menu as a canvas to showcase your business, brand and dishes to your customers. It all starts with a well-designed and professionally printed menu.


Menus are an excellent way to improve your business’s branding. Going to a restaurant is usually an experience that includes different components that contribute to specific kinds of emotional connections Gastronomy is not only big in Paris, London or New York, it is also a thriving concept in the Middle-Eastern, Asian and African countries. A well-constructed and designed menu has the potential to do more than just tell your customer what dishes are on special, a great menu adds to your restaurant’s theme and look.


Restaurant menus have come a long way. In the past, ‘Dining out’ usually occurred when a person was traveling and had no access to a kitchen. Prior to the 18th century in Europe, eating out was not held to the same high standards as we do today. Food critics, great menus, decor themes and unique cooking techniques did not form part of the definition of a good restaurant in the modern sense. Today things have changed. A good restaurant usually consists of more than just good food. It is a culmination of different components including senses of sight, touch and scent.


Colour management plays an important role in the look and feel of a great menu. A major component of great menu design is to make your design as aesthetically pleasing as possible. This often includes the use of colour or simply sticking to trusted black and white. Either way, printing quality plays a pivotal part in delivering a great menu. Trident Press has invested in the latest commercial printing machines which run on our expert colour management techniques that deliver colour that is vibrant and vivid. This will ensure that your menus are always of the highest quality. Give your menu the Trident Press advantage.

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Restaurant Quality Printed Menus
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A fast turnaround time.

Our advanced project management system ensures that we deliver efficiently and effectively to our customers. Jobs are dispatched in a timely manner so your business can meet all those important deadlines.


Storage, warehousing and delivery options.

Trident Press provides for the expert packaging of products. We also assemble campaigns as per client briefs.
Our dispatch and outbound logistics capabilities cater to both regional and national delivery. We also ensure the storage of consignment stock in our state of the art warehouse.


Guaranteed product quality.

We are the preferred commercial printing company for some of the biggest brands and companies in South Africa. We provide printed marketing products in Retail, Sports, Liquor, Beauty & Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Property/estate agencies, Manufacturing, Toys and Games, Food and Beverage, Industrial, Clothing and shoes plus Gifting and novelties.

Exceptional service.

You can rely on Trident Press to be professional, reliable, solution-driven, and understanding of your unique challenges. We go the extra mile to ensure that our service is of the highest level.


Excellent support.

Our system is simple and focused for maximum client benefit. Each client is allocated an experienced Account manager, who acts as your Project Manager. They are supported by a dedicated internal assistant who is always available to answer queries. In addition, we have four permanent estimators and a production team who will see your job through from pre-press to final delivery.


50 years of quality printing expertise.

Established in 1968, our proud heritage of quality printing in Cape Town ensures that all our projects are of the highest quality. Rest assured knowing that your valuable project is in capable hands, state of the art facilities and experienced management staff.


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