Consider the value of Print & Packaging to everyday life

Have you ever took the time to just think about all the things people take for granted that are fundamental to navigating any given day? From the moment your alarm goes off in the morning to when you decide to call it a night and fall asleep. In between that period, print is prevalent in helping you make a success of whatever it is you embarked on.

Think about just how entrenched print is in everyday life; Newspapers, Magazines, Cereal boxes, Labels, Street signs, Billboards, Business cards, Book covers, Banners and Packaging are just some of the products that use print to deliver a message to consumers that is both functional and efficient. Companies use print to collectively communicate with their customers. Likewise, print is used by individuals to convey the distribution of information.

From the invention of Woodblock printing in 220 A.D. to the introduction of the Gutenberg printing press in 1440, Print has undergone numerous changes with the changing times. The evolution in technology has ensured that the industry remains competitive within the changing global climate. Even with the changing economic and social climate, the fundamental relevance of print has remained the same throughout the years.

The value of print is indispensable in navigating life. The merging of modern digital solutions with traditional printing values will ensure that the industry continues to provide services that positively influence both business and consumers. Next time you look at a label or street sign, take a moment to consider its importance.

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