Supporting Youth Entrepreneurs & Businesses

South Africa is a country alive with possibility. Since the dawn of democracy, we as a country  have taken strides towards equal opportunity in both the formal and informal business realms. We have invested in our youth to not only give back to their communities, but contribute to the collective improvement of the country.

This September, high national unemployment figures have meant that economic growth is not as rampant as it should be and as such the vision of a prosperous South Africa for all is not as bright as it should be

Recognising that small businesses are the backbone of the South African economy, we at Trident, are embarking on a journey to support youth entrepreneurs and businesses.

Over the next 12-months, we will be identifying phenomenal youth owned start-ups and existing small businesses throughout the country and partner with them to improve their business footprint.

As a premier printing organisation with over 50 years of experience, Trident will provide professional print related products that will help these businesses take the next step towards sustainable expansion.

Trident supports youth entrepreneurs and businesses.

Share this journey with us!

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