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Celebrating the benefit of print to the global and local economy.

Trident Press is ready for this year's International Day of Print. The celebration highlights the creativity, importance and power of print and paper to South Africa.

With an estimated turnover of R60 billion, the South African print industry directly employs around 45,000 people. Contributing between 1.6% and 2% to South Africa's GDP, the print industry consists of approximately 1228 printing companies, 286 publishing companies and 1000 industry suppliers who provide pre-press and post-press services.

Continuing to invest in youth employment in the country, Printing SA has formulated a new initiative where Foundational Learning Programme (FLP) graduate learners who have successfully completed their internships will be made available to member companies via Printing SA's Regional Chambers for placement in pre-press, printing, print finishing or packaging occupations and trades.

Trident Press is committed to the sustained growth of the global and local print industry. We will continue to take steps to ensure that the industry positively contributes to South Africa's socio-economic development. Together we are stronger.

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